Clinique Crayola Chubby Lip Crayon Review and Swatches. 

When I first saw that Clinique were doing a collaboration with Crayola I couldn’t quite contain my excitement. Something about the thought of a lipstick in the design of a Crayola crayon just filled me with wonderful memories of my childhood. With all the stresses of modern day life sometimes we all need something that isn’t so serious and these Lipsticks are exactly that. Fun and quirky the Clinique Crayola Lip crayons are bound to add a little bit of fun to your make up routine. 

After doing a little bit of research I actually found out that the Crayola crayons were the inspiration behind the original Clinique chubby Lip crayons and Clinique worked with Crayola to make sure the names of the new Lipsticks matched the shades perfectly.

This collection is limited edition so if you fancy trying them make sure you get them while they are still around. They can be brought as an individual Lip crayons or in a set which is filled with 8 mini versions. I was lucky enough to pick up this fabulous set which included the following shades: 

  • Brick Red
  • Wild Strawberry 
  • Mango Tango 
  • Melon 
  • Mauvelous 
  • Pink Sherbert 
  • Fuzzy Wuzzy 
  • Red Violet 

The colours range form red and browns to more subtle pinks. I found that some of the colours such as Fuzzy Wuzzy were a lot more pigmented and then colours such as Pink Sherbert were more of a sheer gloss. My favourite colours from the range are Brick Red, Fuzzy Wuzzy and Wild Strawberry but to be honest I’m sure all of the colours will end up getting used. 

The Lip crayons are more of a balm consistency and have a lovely gloss finish. The product is very moisturising, making it great for day wear as it will help to nourish and protect your lips whilst adding a touch of colour. 

Don’t forget if you want to get your hand on one of these limited Clinique Crayola Lip crayons make sure you act fast as they won’t be round for long. You can buy them from here . 


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