My Top 5 Face Wipes 

We all know that it is a skincare golden rule to not sleep with you make up on. We also all know that it isn’t always possible due to how busy life can be to do this with a double cleanse. When life is a little more hectic than normal I find my self reaching for a trusted face wipe to remove my make up. Although not ideal I do believe it’s much better than going to bed with my make up on. 

Face wipes are also pretty handy to have around the house or in your make up bag. I use them for a whole host of things and they are deifinatly a skincare staple of mine. Below (in no particular order) are my current top 5 face wipes that I absolutely love and find myself repurachsing a lot. 

  • Simple – kind to skin micellar cleansing wipes. £3.99 available from Superdrug 

Best for : sensitive skin 

Number of wipes in pack: 25 

Fragrance free: yes 

I find that these face wipes are perfect for when your skin is feeling a little sensitive. Although gentle they are brilliant at removing make up. These wipes are very moisturising and don’t feel to dry meaning I don’t find that I have to run to hard to get all my stubborn make up off. 

  • No7 -Beautiful Skin quick thinking wipes. £7.00 available from Boots

Best for: removing water proof mascara 

Number of wipes in pack: 30 

Fragrance free: yes 

The No7 wipes have been a favourite of mine for quite some time. Although quite pricey these are great value for money if you manage to catch them on offer. The wipes are perfect for all skin types and are scent free making them perfect for sensitive skin. I love how the No7 wipes even manage to remove my waterproof mascara. 

Best for: removing make up 

Number of wipes in pack: 40 

Fragrance free: No 

The Pixi make up melting cleaning cloths are my wipe of choice when I am wearing a lot of make up. The wipe removes even the most stubborn make up really easily. These wipes do have a strong scent but it is georgeous and makes me feel like I am using a cleanser rather than a wipe. The only downside to these wipes are they seem very thin and I tend to use at least two wipes for a full face of make up. 

  • Soap and Glory- the fab pore t-zone cloths. £4.50 available from Boots

Best for: oily and combination skin

Number of wipes in pack: 25 

Fragrance free: no 

When my skin is feeling a little troubled (which is most of the time), I adore these face wipes. I find them perfect to use in the morning. The wipes have a very strong scent which might not be everyone’s cup of tea but it does help to leave my face feeling refreshed. These wipes slowest release pore-shink4 which helps to leave the face feeling smoother. 

  • Yes to – cucumber soothing hypoallergenic facial wipes. £3.99 available from Boots 

Best for: all occasions 

Number of wipes in pack: 30 

Fragrance free: no 

These Yes To face wipes are my go to wipes for any occasion. Some times I can find Face wipes to be really dry in the pack but this is not the case with these wipes. They are perfect for removing make up and for freshening up. The Yes To range of wipes is huge meaning you will find a face wipe perfect for you. 

All prices and links correct at time of publishing. Products may be available from other sites and stores. For further information on product please contact the manufacturer direct. 


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