Date Night Box Review 

Although I spend 24/7 with my partner finding the time to actually spend quality time together that doesn’t involve work is very difficult and rarely happens.When I discovered the date night subscription box I just couldn’t wait to try it out as i new it would be the perfect way for us to have some us time. 

The date night box is currently priced at £39.95 and is delivery every month. However it is super easy to cancel your subscription so you could have a box every couple of months if you wanted or even as a one off treat. Each box contains everything you will need to have your own date night. Each month the box contains a different theme so you will never have the same date night in your box, you will also not know what your date night will be until it arrives at your door adding an element of surprise.

When the box arrived I was really impressed with how stylish it looked. The box is black with a lovely red detailing and is very sturdy so you can recycle the box to use for other things if you wanted (I keep make up in mine). Inside the box I was greeted with a personalised letter which explained what the date night was and gave me a step by step guide to what we should do.

The box contained every thing we needed for our date night so it meant we didn’t have to go out at all and could enjoy the date night from the comfort of our own home.

This box (Novembers box) was a chocolate themed date night and included a good variety of chocolatey activities for us to do, including chocolate tasting and lots of chocolate themed games. There was even a Spotify play list which had been created to complement the date night. 

Overall I was extremely impressed with the box. Having a date night box helps you to spend that little bit of time with your partner. It was great to try things we wouldn’t normally do or even think of doing and it allowed us to just forget about all the stresses of life for a little bit.


As everything you need for the date night is in the box and you can do it from he comfort of your own home and this made it a lot easier to put an evening to one side just for us. We both had lots of fun doing our date night and are really looking forward to trying another one out. 

If you would like to try your own date night box you can visit for more information and to subscribe. 


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